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What is a digital lawyer?

To quote Katsh:
"The essential difference between the digital lawyer of the future, which may turn out to be the only kind of lawyer to thrive in the future, and today's attorney, lies only partly in access to technology and in skill in using technology. Rather, the core change in the digital lawyer is an understanding of the value of information in an environment where new tools for processing and communicating information make adding value to information and using information to develop new relationships the central concern of the economic system. The digital lawyer knows that although the new media present opportunities to save time, the most novel characteristic of these technologies may be in how they operate on space and distance. The successful digital lawyer is one who knows that he or she is in the information business as much as in the legal business, and that while automation often means that 'time is money' in law practice, the more important insight is that 'information is money'."

The Digital Lawyer is a lawyer who practices law making optimal use of networked computer technology. A digital lawyer is not a lawyer who practices "computer law", which is a subspecialty within intellectual property law, or one who specializes in what is known as cyberlaw, or the law of electronic networks. The key to understanding the concept of the digital lawyer is in understanding the application of information technology to every aspect of the lawyer's practice. And there you have it.

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