What will 2010 hold?

After a year which technically saw the bottoming out of what has been described as the "Great Recession", 2010 is being entered with cautious optimism. Conveyancing attorneys especially, have an interest in the property market, and its prospects - both good and bad - for their conveyancing firms. It is with this in mind that I thought I would ask you your opinions on the following topics:

  • Your views on the property market, the different segments (housing, business) and their prospects.
  • How the drop in house price growth, reduced sales and suchlike has affected the conveyancing turnover and profit margins of law firms.
  • What steps conveyancers have taken as a response to the changing environment.
  • The effect on banks, mortgage originators, estate agents and other participants in the property industry.
  • The discounting of fees.
  • Time to scrap transfer duty?
  • Threats/prospects for the smaller attorney firms - such as greater specialisation.
  • The role of IT in the firm of attorneys such as the adoption, upgrading and use of new software.
  • The Internet, its impact on law firms and Web2.
  • Other relevant topics and opinions which you would like to raise or express.

If you have any thoughts which you would like to share on the above, and other issues please submit them via email to

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