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The GhostDigest has been publishing conveyancing and property news for just over three years and it is read by thousands of conveyancers. During this time we have endeavoured to help the conveyancing profession practise more profitably as well as voice its interests. To date, though, there has been little input from the profession. So please, help us to help you; we need your comments, thoughts and articles to make GhostDigest even more valuable to the profession.

Examples of this include the very successful survey which we conducted in May last year in which we received replies from over 760 legal firms. We have highlighted opportunities for conveyancers to increase profits and to cut expenses in our Practice Management section where a number of articles by Sean Bosse have proved hugely popular.

The Conveyancing Tables are downloaded and accessed hundreds of times a month. The latest trends in E-conveyancing have also been followed and have solicited some enthusiastic responses from local and overseas readers.

A number of long-running stories have also been covered, these include the

In short, we have enjoyed many positive responses from our readers, all of which proves that the conveyancing world is vital, evolving and very necessary for the continued economic prosperity of South Africa. To this end, we would like very much to publish any of your articles, contributions, notes and observations which you think would be of interest to fellow conveyancers.

We have the readership - over 7000 new and returning visitors, over 12 000 visitor sessions and over 25 000 pageviews a month. There is no doubt that the GhostDigest, with its close to 1000 articles, is being read by very many members of the conveyancing profession.

So if you would like to voice your opinion about any conveyancing issues or write an article I am, so to speak, just a click away at:

NB: To contribute to an article, click on the purple "Comments" text below and type in your contribution. A useful tip is to first write your comments in a Word document, edit it and then cut and paste it into the comments box.

Reader Comments:

Mandy Hamlett 02/06/2006:

I have found Ghostdigest to be extremely helpful especially articles by Alan West. What is also good is that one can refer to specific articles again through the search facility - like an online library.

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