Earth to Raymond

23 April 2003

The e-conveyancing revolution is trying to lead us into a paperless world. However, could this process of elimination prove to be a misguided concept? Read on for a contrarian view on the e-revolution...

Brave new e-world

30 April 2003

In Brave new e-world, Allan Carton looks at the political, economic and social factors that are driving forward the evolution of residential e-conveyancing in England. He also warns solicitors that they must take steps to prepare for the inevitable electronic future.


30 April 2003

This article looks at the need for developing a common data exchange format in England - namely the Property Information Systems Common Exchange Standard (PISCES). The introduction of which will allow collaborative online deal rooms and change e-conveyancing.


11 June 2003

On-line lodgment of survey plans and routine title dealings via the Internet is now a reality in New Zealand with the start of Landonline Stage Two. Coupled with online searching of New Zealand's authoritative land title and survey database, the electronic lodgment now being piloted is a world first.

The state of the e-conveyancing nation

30 July 2003

Problem: Transform South Africa's 200-year-old paper-based land registration system into a thoroughly modern remote-access system. "How and why?" I hear you cry.

Proposed land management model

20 August 2003

Development of a Cadastral and Land Management Model for Existing Informal Land Rights in South Africa by Mark Van Den Berg and Peter Hoffmann presents us with a model that will provide a cadastral and land management framework aimed at securing the land rights of all South Africans.

Volume conveyancing

20 August 2003

The nature of high volume, fast turnaround conveyancing is assessed in Volume conveyancing: Can it deliver quality with quantity? On the Property Forum.

Next phase

27 August 2003

E-conveyancing in England took a step closer to fulfilment with the publication of the commencement order for the Land Registration Act 2002. This act underpins the proposed electronic conveyancing system.

Online property tracking now in South Africa

17 September 2003

Hassle-free Web-based tracking of conveyancing transactions has just moved a step closer with GhostEnquiry.

E-Conveyancing and the Torrens System

25 September 2003

In a paper entitled Electronic Conveyancing - Challenges for the Torrens System, Russell Cocks discusses the application of information technology management skills to conveyancing.

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