Registrars Conference Resolutions

15 July 2004

A brief update from the registrars' conference held in November last year, by George Tsotetsi in the July SA Deeds Journal.

Pretoria East Builders

05 August 2004

In Pretoria East Builders and Another v Basson - in the absence of proof that owner authorized seller to sell land on his behalf, owner not bound.

A GhostDigest newsfeed

17 August 2004

All the latest conveyancing news from GhostDigest can now be incorporated into your website with ease.

Heathfield v Maqelepo

19 August 2004

Heathfield v Maqelepo - proper construction of written agreement to purchase immovable property - purchaser or surety.

House price index

22 September 2004

Recently The Economist released its house price index of 20 countries. We are second.

Jaftha and others v Van Rooyen and others

04 November 2004

Appeal upheld in which certain provisions of the Magistrates' Courts Act providing for execution against the immovable property of judgment debtors are challenged.

City of Cape Town v Robertson and another

02 December 2004

City of Cape Town v Robertson and another - an appeal concerning the validity of a provisional valuation roll of property in the area of jurisdiction of the City of Cape Town.

Comparative Transfer Costs

25 February 2003

These graphs and tables compare transfer costs for South Africa, the UK, Australia and Canada.

Land Title in South Africa

25 February 2003

Land Title in South Africa. Cape Town: Juta & Co, Ltd (2000) Author(s): Carey Miller, DL, and Pope, A ISBN: 0 702 151203

Conveyancing Circulars

12 March 2003

Links to Conveyancing circulars from the Pietermaritzburg Legal Circle.
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