2011 Transfers

26 January 2012

A table and graph provided by WinDeed showing the total number of monthly property transfers registered by Deeds Office for 2011.

GhostConvey 2012 Survey

23 August 2012

It's back: this year's 2012 GhostConvey Survey into the conveyancing profession in South Africa is out and ready to be completed in a couple of minutes.

Conveyancing 2011 Survey

01 September 2011

It's back with some old and many new questions, the almost annual GhostDigest survey about conveyancers, conveyancing secretaries and the conveyancing environment.

Conveyancing ethics survey

20 October 2011

The results of the Conveyancing Ethics Survey which we ran with Gustav Radloff via e-mail to conveyancers in July.

Conveyancing 2011 Results

17 November 2011

The results of the Conveyancing 2011 Tipping Point Survey which we ran in August and September this year are out.

Survey 2010

20 August 2010

The long awaited 2010 GhostDigest Survey into Conveyancing in South Africa has arrived and is ready for you to complete if you missed the earlier mailshot.

Cape Town 2010

11 October 2010

Responses from 169 law firms, representing 218 conveyancing partners and 396 conveyancing secretaries were received.

Durban 2010

12 October 2010

Responses from 62 law firms, representing 74 conveyancing partners and 122 conveyancing secretaries were received.

Bloemfontein 2010

12 October 2010

Responses from 20 law firms, representing 22 conveyancing partners and 39 conveyancing secretaries were received.

PE and East London 2010

12 October 2010

Responses from 46 law firms, representing 67 conveyancing partners and 146 conveyancing secretaries were received.
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