31 October 2019

Australia: A report by Deloitte Access Economics (DAE) analysing current and potential future benefits of electronic lodgement and settlement to the conveyancing industry.

A step closer

25 January 2018

UK - Digital conveyancing is one step closer in the UK as Government approves changed land registration rules that aim to pave the way for digital land registration.

A competitive edge

15 March 2018

Lexis®WinDeed gives the conveyancing industry a competitive edge, resulting in higher output and faster turnaround times in the processing of property sales and registrations.

Lexis® Tracker

10 May 2018

Lexis® Tracker meets the need for a secure, online, real-time, automated, matter reporting and messaging platform for conveyancers to keep their clients updated.

Digital evolution in conveyancing

31 May 2018

It’s vital that conveyancers are able to deliver the next generation client care that homebuyers have come to expect from the digital evolution.

Cape Town - RCC validity period change

05 July 2018

An important note from the Lexis®RatesClearance team regarding the City of Cape Town's change to the validity period of Rates Clearance Certificates.

PEXA beefs up security controls

12 July 2018

Australia: PEXA will fill gaps in its security controls that have been exploited by hackers to fleece millions of dollars from home sale transactions.

A giant leap

02 August 2018

In an historic development for the conveyancing processes, the South African Deeds Office has registered its first electronically signed property transfer.

It actually is faster

16 August 2018

Cher Chapple underscores the point that the issuing of electronic rates clearance certificates is a lot faster than paper based systems.

A giant leap - 2

30 August 2018

Mark Heyink argues that the small step of replacing a paper document with an electronic one and a pen signature with an electronic one is indeed a Giant Leap for conveyancing.
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