Get strong

15 June 2016

Prevent fraud happening by heading these tips for strong passwords, as the security of every platform/application ultimately depends on the user's password.

Mangaung - s118 fee increase

30 June 2016

Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality: Section 118 Applications - Administrative fees for Rates Clearance Applications are to increase from 01 July 2016.

GhostConvey/LexisNexis integration

07 July 2016

LexisNexis’ Practical Guidance in Real Estate, Land and Conveyancing practice area has just become available to GhostConvey users.

e-Conveyancing takes off

14 July 2016

Australia - South Australian conveyancers, solicitors, and lenders can now completely digitally exchange property via e-Conveyancing in what is a digital transformation.

No paper certificates

25 August 2016

Australia - Paper certificates for property transactions once gave a sense of land ownership but new laws are changing that.

"Distracting" e-conveyancing law

08 September 2016

UK - the Law Society has backed proposals to simplify the legal basis of electronic conveyancing in its reply to proposals for reform of the Land Registration Act 2002.

Form filling headache

15 September 2016

Australia – a recent change to a government form has unintentionally jammed a spoke into the wheels of the promising e-conveyancing industry.

Transfer duty delays

17 November 2016

A number of solutions are given to some of the issues and problems which have been delaying the processing of transfer duty applications by SARS.

Modernising the process

01 December 2016

UK: The Conveyancing Association has published a paper on ‘Modernising the Home Moving Process’ outlining a future, more certain and transparent process.

National Mortgage Form

29 January 2015

Australia - Property Exchange Australia Pty Ltd (PEXA) plans to introduce a National Mortgage Form (NMF) later this year to streamline property mortgages.
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