Conveyancing: the psychic link

19 August 2004

Are the British really obsessed with property? Maybe so, but they seem to be a little bit vague about the finer details of house-buying...

Reserve Bank of India

02 September 2004

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has asked banks to take precautions in nine key areas to reduce the incidence of fraud in housing finance.

Ownership in limbo

09 September 2004

Someone discovers he has the title deeds for the land around his parents' semi-detached bungalow, but none for the property.

Postal ballot on referrals

16 September 2004

In July, at the Law Society of England and Wales' annual general meeting, it was decided to hold a postal ballot of the whole profession on the issue of referral fees.

UK solicitors vote to ban referral fees

14 October 2004

Last week solicitors voted three to one in favour of reinstating the ban on referral fees.

Devil is in referral fees detail

19 October 2004

Harry Kanter, who has been in private practice for more than 50 years, doubts that payments to third parties will improve service to clients.

Reveal perks

21 October 2004

Australian mortgage brokers have been ordered to reveal perks - but only if asked to do so.

Office of Fair Trading

09 December 2004

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is to investigate the way property searches are conducted in England after rececieving complaints from property search companies.

You cannot take it with you?

15 December 2004

... Just watch me as I remove fixtures and fittings after I have sold my house.

Hong Kong Lawyer: Changing times

25 February 2003

Conveyancing is no longer the profitable business it used to be. Hong Kong Lawyer spoke to several local solicitors about the future of conveyancing.
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