Contaminated land: UK Legislation

25 February 2003

A short, useful discussion of contaminated land - given the growing awareness of environmental liability.

Buyer Beware: Over the internet

25 February 2003

In Shattuck v. Klotzbach, Civ. Act. No. 01-1109A (Superior Ct., Mass., December 11, 2001), the court had to decide whether the exchange of e-mails between parties was sufficient to give rise to a contract of sale.

Opposition to deregulation of conveyancing services

25 February 2003

According to a report on the website, the Law Society of England is set to criticise the government's proposals to introduce authorised conveyancing practitioners (ACPs). This follows after consultation with, and feedback from, solicitors.


25 February 2003

Last year, Legalmart launched an innovative online conveyancing service in New South Wales - the largest property market in Australia.

Irish Homebuyers/Sellers to gain

25 February 2003

Irish homebuyers and sellers are expected to save millions of euro in legal fees as a result of a price war in the legal profession.

Gazumping and Gazundering

12 March 2003

Here we examine the problems caused in England and Wales where buyers and sellers are able to withdraw from an agreement - up until the last minute.

The Conveyancing Room

15 April 2003

The launch of The Conveyancing Room in England at the end of March, means that all parties to a transaction (solicitors, clients, estate agents, mortgagees and other parties) can communicate in a secure, online environment.

Attorney owned estate agencies?

23 April 2003

In a recent article entitled Home (a)loan in the April 2003 edition of De Rebus, Roger Green wrote about the ethical dilemma facing attorneys paying financial inducements to estate agents and mortgage originators. With this in mind, it may be a good idea for lawyers to consider selling property.

De-regulation of conveyancing - Australia

07 May 2003

This article looks at the effect competition has had on conveyancing fees in New South Wales since the market began progressive de-regulation in the early 1990s.

Licensed Conveyancers - the English experience

07 May 2003

The English Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) is the regulatory body for licensed conveyancers in England. It was established in terms of the Administration of Justice Act 1985.
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