Tables of Costs

Conveyancing Tables - 2003

The Tables of Costs - ready reckoner booklet has the following:

  • bond repayment table,
  • a summary of transfer and bond costs, and
  • the comprehensive transfer and bond costs tables.

Tables of Costs - ready reckoner
24 pages

The Tables of Costs - with legislation booklet has, in addition to the above:

  • Guidelines for determining conveyancing fees as prescribed by the various law societies,
  • Deeds Office Schedule of fees,
  • Extract from Schedule 1 of the Stamp Duties Act 77 of 1968, and
  • Section 2 (Imposition of Transfer Duty) of the Transfer Duty Act 40 of 1949.

As before, these are rendered in both English and Afrikaans.

Tables of Costs - with legislation
72 pages

For your convenience both publications have been "bookmarked" so that you can select and print only those sections of each booklet that you require hard copies of.

These tables are applicable until the 1 March 2004, and as soon as the new ones are available they will be posted onto the site.

In order to view and print the booklets you must first have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader ® 5.0. If you have not, it is available free of charge from:

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