Effortless integration - II

In October we introduced you to effortless importing of accurate Deeds Office information into the transfers module of GhostConvey - see Effortless integration. GhostConvey has now progressed further by allowing you to perform Deeds Searches across the Bonds and Consent modules. You can also track your deeds in the Deeds Office by using our Deeds Office Tracking System in the Progress Dates field. All that is required is the DOTS number.

What does this all mean for users? Less data capturing and greater productivity for the company and a continuous update as to the status of your documents in the Deeds Office. In the Bonds Module, you can perform your Deeds Searches on all the "CAUSES OF ACTION" you choose when creating a manual bond instruction. If the client chooses the "NEW" cause of action, it will only import the property details. For all other "CAUSES OF ACTION" the Mortgagor and Property details will import.

For electronically imported bonds, the user can now do a Deeds Office Compare to ensure that all information supplied by the Bank is correct. If there are any discrepancies, you can change the information supplied by the Bank to the one imported using the Deeds Office search and simultaneously notify the Bank by sending an MT 101 (Discrepancy notice) and an MT 66 (Property description Change). The only time when no notice is sent to the Bank is if the bond has been captured manually. The onus will lie on the users to ensure that they notify the Bank via email.

Documents regarding the searches performed can also be requested from the Deeds Office. Once they have been delivered by the Deeds Office, you can import the information directly into the matter. The user has an option to request PDF and RTF copies of the documents. The benefit of the RTF copy is that it allows the user to copy and paste the conditions into the Title Deed - saving time in typing all the conditions manually.

The Consents Module allows the user to conduct a Deeds Search when starting a new matter. As no properties are required, only the details of the mortgagor and the Bonds being cancelled are imported.

Links to Consents module, Transfers module and Bonds Module notes.

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