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Pretoria Registrar's Circular 17/2014

Registrar's Circular No. 17 of 2014: Gauteng Removal of Restrictions Act 3 of 1996/Service of Orders of Court of Expropriation


1. To provide clarity on removal of conditions in terms of the Removal of Restrictions Act 3 of 1996.

2. A document which requires deeds to be endorsed but does not constitute an Act of registration such as orders of Court and expropriation notices must be served directly to the miscellaneous/losgoed section for entries to be made in the title deed concerned.

3. Only the copy of the Notice of the Provincial Gazette authorising the Removal of the Restrictive Condition in the title deeds must be lodged in a coloured lodgement cover for entries to be made in the title deed affected.

4. An office fee will be levied against all transactions made in terms of the Removal of Restriction that purporting to remove conditions of title and as such R 260.00 will be payable, as they will be deemed to be an Act of registration.

5. No application is required in this instance.

6. A factual endorsement will be effected on the title deed concerned to reflect the cancellation of the conditions referred to in the Notice. ABC code will be assigned to the Notice and the current endorsement will be amplified accordingly.

7. This circular Will be effective from 05/01/2015

Pretoria Registrar's Circular 17 of 2014

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