Web Bytes - 791

06 August 2020

This week: Mellony Ramalho appointed Sales and Marketing Director of LexisNexis SA; Broll's latest report highlights COVID-19 in Africa; and mobile networks could build a 5G tower on your property.


13 August 2020

Some 43 frequently asked questions by members of Community Schemes covering General issues, Registration of schemes, payment of CSOS levies and fees, and Annual financial statements.

How late is late?

13 August 2020

Adv Audrey Gwangwa asks whether the legislature intended the period which the court can grant for the registration of an Antenuptial contract in terms of section 87 of the Deeds Registries Act, to be open ended.

Web Bytes - 792

13 August 2020

This week: A lawyers guide to invoicing and payment; a fraudulent email warning from the LPC; overcoming COVID-19 career anxieties; and staying on the right side of COVID-19 Regulations.

Deeds Registries Act Amendment

20 August 2020

Deeds Registries Amendment Regulations, 14 August 2020: Amendments to Regulations 43, 44, and to the substitution of certificates to a number of forms in the Deeds Registries Act.

Cape Town update

20 August 2020

An update from Miltons Matsemela on the Deeds Office extending registration time to ten working days; and why rates accounts still don't reflect an ownership change several months after transfer.

Web Bytes - 793

20 August 2020

This week: New land ownership rights in TBVC areas set to affect developers; home buying activity re-surging, supporting prices; and a South African attorney publishes Microsoft Word for Legal Practitioners.

Sectional Titles Act Amendment

20 August 2020

Sectional Titles Act Amendment Regulations, 14 August 2020: Amendments to Regulations 15, 16A, 16B, and to Annexure 1 (forms and Deed of Transfer) to the Regulations of the Sectional Titles Act.

Paddocks Press - July 2020

27 August 2020

The edition includes: An introduction to how the POPI Act must be understood by and applied to members of community schemes; virtual AGM resolutions; and cancelling a managing agent's contract.

POPI and Community Schemes

27 August 2020

An analysis of the POPI Act in relation to community schemes about how the personal information of owners and/or residents of units or homes in the scheme is collected, stored and managed responsibly.
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