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Property sales will slow

25 January 2007

Prepare for property sales slowing by several weeks as banks begin to implement the provisions of the new National Credit Act.

NCA promotes free access

08 February 2007

The National Credit Act (NCA) comes into effect on 1 June this year and fears have been expressed that it could hamper housing development.

Credit Act should help sales

15 March 2007

Initially the National Credit Act may put a damper on the residential property market, but in the long term it should help it.

National Credit Act update

12 April 2007

Conveyancers will soon be joining Korbitec's experts for an update on the implications of the National Credit Act for them.

NCA Presentations

03 May 2007

First up - the New bond application process by Paul Esselaar - Electronic Law Manager, Korbitec.

NCA Q's and A's: Mortgagor-conveyancer relationship

07 May 2007

Answers to NCA questions about the mortgagor-conveyancer relationship with the date on which they were last answered and discussed.

NCA Q's and A's

10 May 2007

The National Credit Act will have wide ranging implications for attorneys, and the GhostDigest will be keeping you informed as soon as we know about them.

NCA documents

17 May 2007

A page of links to documents and circulars relating to the National Credit Act.

Bank specific dates

17 May 2007

NCA documents from institutuons specifying the dates from which their NCA documents are to be used.

NCA Q's and A's: Credit providers - I

17 May 2007

Answers to general NCA questions about credit providing with the date on which they were last answered and discussed.
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