Practice Management

The matter-centred practice

07 July 2005

New technology delivers on the promise of joined-up legal management for the e-mail age.

Sorting at a higher level

28 July 2005

The wide acceptance of document management systems is giving rise to a demand for more sophisticated models according to Kellie Harpley in the Australian Lawyers Weekly.

Position, position

25 August 2005

Sean Bosse explores the strategic and marketing concept of law firm positioning using a few well known South African firms.

Work improvement

08 September 2005

When used properly, technology has the potential to make the lives of busy lawyers much easier. But, as Kellie Harpley reports, there is still plenty of room for progress.

Sweat the little things

15 September 2005

Client relationships took their place in the limelight at the World Masters of Law Firm Management conference last month in Australia.

Interception of communications

06 October 2005

RICA is now in force and it affects all businesses in regulating how communications can be intercepted.

Personal touch

27 October 2005

Learning about emotional intelligence and employing it in today's competitive and pressured business environment will help to give law firms the edge over their competitors.

Doors swinging

03 November 2005

The Precise Oxford Dictionary defines a paralegal as someone "trained in subsidiary legal matters".

Is PM a fad?

10 November 2005

USA - "Is Practice Management Just The Latest Fad?" asks Susan Lambreth in a comprehensive article on Law Practice Today.

Strategic marketing

24 November 2005

In his last contribution for the year Sean Bosse looks at practice development through strategic marketing.

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