Portal set to go live next year

28 November 2013

The Law Society of England and Wales intends going live with their conveyancing web portal.


19 January 2012

Delivering digitised land and property data directly to a conveyancer’s desktop, has many benefits for the conveyancer and gives confidence to lenders and consumers.


26 January 2012

The implementation of the City of Cape Town’s new ISIS system has not been without incident and problems are being resolved.

Electronic Transfer Instruct

16 February 2012

Get more exposure for your conveyancing practice by joining the REASA panel of attorneys and by having your firm listed on Property24.com.

Enhanced DOTS

23 February 2012

WinDeed has just released a number of enhancements to its Automated Document Tracking (ADT) functionality.

Go mobile with Property24

22 March 2012

Property24 gives estate agents an unprecedented opportunity to allow customers easily accessible, real-time information, which is likely to boost both interest and sales.

Save with WinDeed

05 April 2012

As from the 1st of April WinDeed customers began benefitting from amended pricing for Deeds Office document copies.

Mossel Bay rates clearance

26 April 2012

Mossel Bay Municipality has compiled a list of rules and conditions that need to be complied with to ensure that your rates applications are successful.

SARS eFiling integration

10 May 2012

GhostConvey 2012 has successfully integrated with the SARS eFiling system and free workshops are to be held around the country to prepare users for the new feature.

Ready for electronification?

17 May 2012

The South African property industry is both ready for and moving towards an interlinked digital future as Internet penetration grows and collaboration increases.

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