Affordable Housing Transfers

04 December 2014

With the many affordable housing projects in South Africa GhostConvey has developed Affordable housing transfers, a solution for conveyancers handling these projects.

Ireland's e-Conveyancing revolution

18 December 2014

The biggest revolution of the conveyancing system in Ireland has begun with the start of the implementation phase of the Law Society’s eConveyancing project.

Search Smarter

07 February 2013

GhostConvey has just launched fully-integrated Deeds Office searching, allowing Conveyancers a convenient and direct link to live data from Deeds Office databases.

Common eFiling queries

28 February 2013

A list of frequently asked questions and their answers about the new SARS eFiling system which went live a month ago.

GhostConvey eThekwini integration

14 June 2013

During July, Korbitec Municipal Services will be going live with eThekwini Municipality thereby giving you simpler access to online rates from within GhostConvey.

PEXA launches in Victoria

20 June 2013

On Tuesday NECDL announced that Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) had launched in Victoria with its first e-conveyancing transaction - a discharge.

Portal set to go live next year

28 November 2013

The Law Society of England and Wales intends going live with their conveyancing web portal.


19 January 2012

Delivering digitised land and property data directly to a conveyancer’s desktop, has many benefits for the conveyancer and gives confidence to lenders and consumers.


26 January 2012

The implementation of the City of Cape Town’s new ISIS system has not been without incident and problems are being resolved.

Electronic Transfer Instruct

16 February 2012

Get more exposure for your conveyancing practice by joining the REASA panel of attorneys and by having your firm listed on Property24.com.
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