S118: Cpt - Automation Go Live

17 March 2016

The technical solution for the automation of refunds for final accounts as part of the S118 process has been implemented, but the business Go Live will be phased in.

S118 Feedback sessions

31 March 2016

The City of Cape Town will be hosting information and feedback sessions regarding S118 Rates Clearance, Deeds and Refund Automation processes.


07 April 2016

Korbitec Banking Services Division has rebranded itself as Gallium, and is poised to redefine how stakeholders participate in business across organisational boundaries.


14 April 2016

As part of the Gallium suite of intelligent solutions Signisure is a game-changing platform that simply and securely facilitates all processes at the point of contract signature.

S118: Cpt - Automation gone live

05 May 2016

The technical solution for the refunds Go Live has been implemented and the business Go Live for refunds is today, Thursday, 5 May 2016 in a phased approach.

Bolstered ID protection

12 May 2016

Australia - new rules are now in place for property buyers and sellers resulting in a better safeguarding of their sale or purchase and minimising the incidence of fraud.

S118: Cpt - Application errors

26 May 2016

An unacceptably high number of S118 automated refunds for the seller's final account(s) are being returned by the financial institutions due to incorrect banking details.

A verification revolution

02 June 2016

Australia - PEXA has introduced a new, more effective verification of identity standard (VOI Standard) replacing the traditional ‘100 point’ system of identification.

Secure communication

09 June 2016

GhostConvey's secure communication channels protect conveyancing transactions and reduce the threat of fraud by inter alia keeping messages secret and tamperproof.

Cape Town - s118 fee increase

15 June 2016

Cape Town: Section 118 Applications - Administrative fees for rates clearance applications are to increase from 01 July 2016.
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