It actually is faster

16 August 2018

Cher Chapple underscores the point that the issuing of electronic rates clearance certificates is a lot faster than paper based systems.

A giant leap - 2

30 August 2018

Mark Heyink argues that the small step of replacing a paper document with an electronic one and a pen signature with an electronic one is indeed a Giant Leap for conveyancing.

Top of class

18 October 2018

Mangaung Municipality in Bloemfontein has made impressive improvements with its automated municipal processes largely due to the implementation of Lexis® RatesClearance.

eDRS - Registrar's updates

29 November 2018

The Chief Registrar of Deeds invites all conveyancers to a number of meetings about the latest developments in the Electronic Deeds Registration System Project.

Meeting the needs

29 November 2018

Lexis® WinDeed is essentially a One-Stop Shop for all stakeholders in a property sale transaction - from the estate agent initiating, to the conveyancer finalising, the transfer.

eDRS - Registrar's updates -II

06 December 2018

Dates for engagements with Registrars of Deeds in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Kimberley and Mahikeng, and reminders for Pietermaritzburg, Mthatha and King William's Town.


26 January 2017

GhostTracker is an online reporting tool for conveyancers designed to manage all communication with their client base regarding the progress of a property registration.

New steps

16 February 2017

UK: Electronic documents validated with digital signatures will finally replace paper property deeds if a set of proposals by Land Registry is approved.

Reasons for scepticism

23 February 2017

UK: Digital optimists have welcomed an overdue development that could make paperless conveyancing a reality after false starts. But there are reasons to be sceptical.

Ambitious e-reforms

16 March 2017

UK: The Conveyancing Association has outlined ambitious e-reforms with a digital focus central to improving homebuyers’ experience.

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