Modernising the process

01 December 2016

UK: The Conveyancing Association has published a paper on ‘Modernising the Home Moving Process’ outlining a future, more certain and transparent process.

National Mortgage Form

29 January 2015

Australia - Property Exchange Australia Pty Ltd (PEXA) plans to introduce a National Mortgage Form (NMF) later this year to streamline property mortgages.

Brave new world

26 March 2015

Australia - an article in the Law Institute Journal about the Electronic Conveyancing clause to be included in all standard contracts of sale of real estate.

Ready for e-Conveyancing?

14 May 2015

Australia: the introduction of a national e-conveyancing regime in constitutes the biggest reform to the industry since the introduction of the Torrens system.

Increasingly online

28 May 2015

Australia: more property transfers are moving online as states are added to the new e-conveyancing network, according to PEXA the agency overseeing the rollout.

Absa Guarantee Hub

04 June 2015

An interview with Dawid Malan and Michelle Ramdeen in which they discuss the Absa Guarantee Hub, what it is, its roll-out, the needs it addresses and its future prospects.

Cape Town - s118 Applications

04 June 2015

Cape Town: Section 118 Applications - processes for non-receipt of admin fee accounts and when Sellers' details differ from Deeds Office and City of Cape Town records.

Cape Town - s118 fee increase

11 June 2015

Cape Town: Section 118 Applications - Administrative fees for rates clearance applications are to increase from 01 July 2015.

Korbitec Online Training

13 August 2015

The Korbitec Online Training Website is a resource that has recently had a face lift and a revamp to make it simpler and easier for users to find the training material they want.

e-Conveyancing edge

17 September 2015

Australia - A Q and A discussion about why online property transactions using Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) give busy conveyancers a competitive edge.

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