Sectional Titles

POPI and Community Schemes

27 August 2020

An analysis of the POPI Act in relation to community schemes about how the personal information of owners and/or residents of units or homes in the scheme is collected, stored and managed responsibly.

Paddocks Press - July 2020

27 August 2020

The edition includes: An introduction to how the POPI Act must be understood by and applied to members of community schemes; virtual AGM resolutions; and cancelling a managing agent's contract.

Urgent dispute applications

17 September 2020

The CSOS accepts urgent dispute resolution applications, and will hear these matters within 24 hours (circumstances permitting); provided that all other prerequisites are complied with.

Paddocks Press - August 2020

23 September 2020

The edition includes: Waiving your right to hold an Annual General Meeting; insurance risks for schemes when working from home; and what happens if voting is deadlocked at a Special General Meeting?

Scheme governance documentation

23 September 2020

A note about Scheme Governance Documentation Rules submitted before the 7 October 2016; those submitted after 7 October 2016; and the compulsory CSOS registration of all community schemes.

Kingshaven criticism

01 October 2020

Graham Paddock argues that the decision in Kingshaven Homeowners's Association in which it was held that an HOA cannot stop an owner from parking in breach of the scheme’s conduct rules, is incorrect.

Pay the costs

01 October 2020

An owners application in terms of the CSOS Act that the respondent pays the costs of repairs to damage caused to her unit during renovations by the unlawful use of certain tools/machinery, succeeds.

Sectional Title Body Corporate Rules - 1

08 October 2020

In the first of a two part series, Graham Paddock gives a comprehensive analysis of the four types of body corporate rules, and covers inter alia their nature, differences, requirements, binding nature, importance, and creation.

Sectional Titles Amendment Bill

08 October 2020

The Minister for Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development intends introducing the Sectional Titles Amendment Bill, 2020 in the National Assembly during the fourth quarter of 2020.

Sectional Title Body Corporate Rules - 2

15 October 2020

In the second of a two part series, Graham Paddock gives a comprehensive analysis of the distinction between rules and title deed conditions; rules and laws of general application; and short-term letting rules.
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