SA pays through the nose for property

24 March 2003

In an old (July 2001) but thought provoking article from the Financial Mail, republished in Banking News, the author maintains that additional costs to property transactions in South Africa are among the highest in the world.

Financial Inducements

02 April 2003

Roger Green asks an apparently simple question, "Should a conveyancer provide a financial inducement to an intermediary in order to get work?" He reckons that the answer to this question should concern every conveyancing attorney, mortgage originator, estate agent and bank.

Electronic Land Registration - 1: Options from a legal perspective

02 April 2003

In this the first half of a must-read two part article, Gustav Radloff analyses the potential legal options for the implementation of an electronic land registration system. He writes that the challenge is to have a speedier and more cost-effective land delivery system without compromising the accuracy and security of title now enjoyed by the South African public.

More on the Legal Practice Bill

02 April 2003

The effects of the Legal Practice Bill on South Africa's 14 000 attorneys are discussed in a survey comprising three articles which appeared in the Business Times on 23 March. Threats to the attorney's traditional sources of income, multi-disciplinary practices and the proposals for a single governing body for the legal profession are covered.

First paperless property transfer

02 April 2003

The first completely paperless real estate transaction took place as long ago as July 2000 in Broward County, California.

Electronic Land Registration - 2: Options from a legal perspective

08 April 2003

In this the concluding part of an important article, Gustav Radloff continues to analyse the challenges and opportunities that will arise in an electronic land registration system. He concludes - correctly we believe - that a post paper land registration system will be even more dependent than it is now on the continued integrity, qualification and training of the deeds office examiners and conveyancers in private practice.

Increasing Technology ROI in a legal Practice - 2: Infrastructure

08 April 2003

Part two of this series considers the following questions: What makes up a technology infrastructure? What does it provide in terms of service? What can be done to ensure that a practice gets the most value from it?

E-conveyancing consultation report published

15 April 2003

After an extensive consultation exercise, HM Land Registry has published an interim consultation report: e-conveyancing. It summarises the views expressed by the legal and property professions regarding plans for the introduction of an e-conveyancing framework.

Conveyancing is legal work

15 April 2003

The author of a letter headed Transportbesorging is regswerk, in the Letters, Opinion section of the July 2001 edition of De Rebus, maintains that conveyancing is legal work and that it should only be performed by lawyers who are schooled in the law.

Termination of Windows 95 support

15 April 2003

On 31 December 2000 and 31 December 2001, Microsoft terminated its support for Windows 95 and Word 95 respectively.
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