Careless pruning costs lives

30 October 2003

Neighbours' feuds should provide enough material to keep writers of farce busy. At the moment some 10 000 hedge feuds are being waged in England; yes, 10 000.

E-mail usage guidelines

06 November 2003

A Spam Summit was held in Sandton on 22 October. A web site with useful links and documents is the result.

Renting of common property

06 November 2003

The strict requirements governing the rental of common property are looked at in this article on Property24.

Secretarial structures

06 November 2003

Law firms can make huge savings by reorganising their secretarial structures, promoting team leaders and using digital dictation, according to the LawGazette.

Electronic SG diagram requests

20 November 2003

An enhanced version of WinDeed has been released which offers the ability to request Surveyor General diagrams.

Company registration enquiries

20 November 2003

An enhanced version of GhostSearch has been released which offers the ability to search the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPRO).

Common property maintenance

20 November 2003

In The Buck Stops At the Body Corporate, on Property24, the responsibility of common property maintenance is canvassed.

The room has the view

20 November 2003

The Constitutional Court has refused an application by the eThekwini municipality for leave to appeal the controversial "Home with a view" ruling by the Supreme Court of Appeal. Why document management?

20 November 2003

In this article from, legal technology consultant John Heckman discusses the basic functionality of document management systems, including a checklist of features to help you decide which ones are essential to your firm.

Revenue Laws Amendment Bill

20 November 2003

Trevor Manuel, the Minister of Finance has tabled the Revenue Laws Amendment Bill.
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