Fica Guidelines - application thereof

09 October 2003

A table describing what has to be done by attorneys to meet the requirements of Fica.

Clearance Certificates and the Constitution

15 October 2003

The South Eastern Cape division of the High Court has declared section 118(1) of the Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000 unconstitutional.

Enforcement of sectional title rules

16 October 2003

In Afdwing van deeltitelskemareëls, in the October 2003 De Rebus, Jack Nel discusses what steps trustees of a sectional title scheme may take to enforce the compliance of rules.

Not beating together

16 October 2003

A couple married in community of property must both sign all the relevant documents - especially the offer to purchase - to ensure a valid sale.

Jack Trevena

23 October 2003

The vibrant property market and the growth of the mortgage origination industry have persuaded Jack Trevena, General manager of Nedbank Homeloans, to start his own mortgage origination company.

Sectional Titles Amendment Bill

23 October 2003

The Sectional Titles Amendment Bill (B43-2002), proposes amendments to the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986 ("the Act").

Virtual real estate

23 October 2003

The world in which people buy houses online, never having visited the property nor met the seller, agent, a transfer attorney or even a home loans manager face to face, is here.

Building owners to celebrate?

30 October 2003

The article Building owners off the hook on Finance24, 20 October, reports on the response of the law society of the northern provinces and the Law Society of South Africa to the Mkontwana decision.

2004 Admission, conveyancing and notarial examinations

30 October 2003

Relevant dates and details have just been published in the latest - November - edition of De Rebus in the News section.

Residential property market

30 October 2003

Overview - Residential Property Market by Allan Carton in Practical Solutions in which he discusses the English residential market with respect to the conveyancing profession.
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