Volume conveyancing

20 August 2003

The nature of high volume, fast turnaround conveyancing is assessed in Volume conveyancing: Can it deliver quality with quantity? On the Property Forum.

Sars changes Vat ruling

20 August 2003

Sars has admitted that its new ruling - 386 - is a mistake, and it will be re-worded.

Plakaat of 1529

22 August 2003

The 1529 Plakaat inzake verkopen of vervreemden van huizen, erven, land, enz of Emperor Charles V forms the basis of our system of land registration and is therefore worth reproducing here.

Next phase

27 August 2003

E-conveyancing in England took a step closer to fulfilment with the publication of the commencement order for the Land Registration Act 2002. This act underpins the proposed electronic conveyancing system.

Competition Commission

27 August 2003

The Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) has initiated a consultation process with the Competition Commission on issues affecting the attorney's profession, reports De Rebus.

Virus/worm update

27 August 2003

During the last week two insidious viruses have blighted the business world, causing much irritation, damage and embarrassment all round. These are the W32/[email protected] and W32.Blaster high-risk worms (a worm is a variant of a virus).

Using technology to remain competitive

27 August 2003

In this article legal technology consultant Carol Schlein lists basic guidelines every law firm, regardless of size, should follow to remain competitive with and even get a leg up on the rest of the legal profession.


03 September 2003

Buying a good monitor can be confusing, what with terms like "dot pitch" and "bezels". This article, by Rhoda Alexander of Stanford University, should go a long way to putting you in the picture.

Redlining bill

03 September 2003

The Department of Housing is to hold the Community Reinvestment (Housing) Bill, 2002, "in abeyance" until the financial services charter is complete.

Sectional title extensions

03 September 2003

In a letter in the September issue of De Rebus, KG Mustard presents a contrary view to Rolf Gerke's July De Rebus article Extensions to sections. The position of the bondholder is also looked at.
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