Restrictions on the sale of business premises

01 October 2003

Roos No en 'n Ander v Kevin & Lasia Property Investments Bk en Andere 2002 (6) SA 409 (T) highlights the importance of ensuring that when a property is being sold "as a going concern" the sale is advertised according to the requirements of Section 34(1) of the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936 ("the Act").

What benefits?

01 October 2003

While IT offers many benefits, pretending that e-conveyancing will radically ease the trials of moving house is misguided, says Raymond Perry in The human side to IT in the Law Gazette.

ABSA valuers have a new system

08 October 2003

Absa Bank has introduced a new automated valuation process using a computerised statistical valuation model that will speed up loan applications and increase productivity.

A room with a view

08 October 2003

A full bench of the Supreme Court of Appeal has found that a house's view forms an integral part of its value.

Double transfer duty concerns

08 October 2003

According to a report on the Rode site, a recent SARS directive which prevents the use of unnamed nominees in purchasing property is causing confusion among estate agents and lawyers.

Transfer-duty avoidance schemes targeted

08 October 2003

The South African Revenue Service is going to take legal action against individuals who registered residential property in trusts, close corporations and companies to avoid paying transfer duty.

The registrability of contingent usufructs

08 October 2003

In The registrability of contingent usufructs and related matters in the October 2003 De Rebus, Allen West discusses the application of section 66 of the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937.

Fica Guidelines - application thereof

09 October 2003

A table describing what has to be done by attorneys to meet the requirements of Fica.

Clearance Certificates and the Constitution

15 October 2003

The South Eastern Cape division of the High Court has declared section 118(1) of the Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000 unconstitutional.

Enforcement of sectional title rules

16 October 2003

In Afdwing van deeltitelskemareëls, in the October 2003 De Rebus, Jack Nel discusses what steps trustees of a sectional title scheme may take to enforce the compliance of rules.
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