Practice Management

Conveyancing courses

13 October 2016

Tasneem Kanjee of the BCE Training Academy answers a number of questions about conveyancing courses for paralegals which are offered in South Africa.

Marketing and rabbits

17 November 2016

Jack Crook discusses the importance of and necessary steps towards getting the marketing rabbit to the top of your priority list if you own a small law firm.


15 January 2015

The enhanced GhostMarketer Customer Relationship Management tool of GhostConvey strengthens your brand, builds customer relationships and manages your contacts.

MOS document

05 February 2015

In the latest Risk Alert Bulletin, the editor, Ann Bertelsmann asks for ideas and examples from conveyancers for drafting Minimum Operating Standards (MOS) documents.

Branded emails

26 March 2015

Paddy Crook explains why every law firm should brand its emails, what they are, why they work, and what you should look for in an email branding service.

Are you using GhostMarketer yet?

13 August 2015

Did you know that all GhostConvey clients have access to a powerful, easy-to-use, free Customer Communication tool - GhostMarketer? All you have to do is to use it!

Six reasons to market your firm

20 August 2015

Jack Crook answers the question: "If you run a successful conveyancing practice with a loyal client base, why should you bother to market your firm and its services?"

Shoestring marketing

03 September 2015

Jack Crook turns to the how part of formulating a marketing plan of which many of the basics cost little or nothing yet will give you a competitive edge.

Targeted marketing: choosing tools

22 September 2015

Paddy Crook gives handy tips and discusses some of the more common marketing tools used by firms, and how they can be successfully and effectively used.

GhostMarketer - Getting started

01 October 2015

Paddy Crook gets into the nitty-gritty of actually using the GhostMarketer platform and its core features to its maximum potential for segmented and targeted communication.

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