Practice Management

Claims trends

13 December 2012

Taken from the Risk Alert Bulletin a comparative table and a graph showing the increase in the number of claims notifications received by the AIIF since 2007.

Conveyancing and Notarial Practice

27 January 2011

Attorneys have a few days left to register for the Law Society of South Africa's attendance and correspondence courses on Conveyancing and Notarial Practice.


17 March 2011

The GhostPractice team has detailed all the latest High Court and Magistrate Court tariffs so that you can get the most out of them.

Expense or investment?

21 April 2011

Kuben Naidoo analyses and unpacks the role of a Practice Manager in the law firm in answering the question: Are Practice Managers an expense or an investment?

Take responsibility

05 May 2011

Definition of a conveyancer, interest on trust accounts and the legal profession must take responsibility for its role in transformation, access to justice and finalising the Legal Practice Bill.

Dare to outperform

12 May 2011

Legalite is the ideal solution for the small firm looking to outperform its expectations and its competition.

Facing financial challenges

01 June 2011

UK - the legal sector is increasingly focusing on financial management precipitated by a failure to manage operating costs and debt.

Last opportunity

09 June 2011

The closing date for attorneys to register for LEAD practice management training is 17 June.

Audits - a waste of money?

28 July 2011

Kuben Naidoo unpacks what audits are, what they are not, how the process works and the value of active management tools.

Tipping Point

13 October 2011

Book now for this year's GhostConvey Tipping Point Roadshow to hear three leading industry personalities discuss Ethics, Profitability and Community in the conveyancing practice.

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