Practice Management

Continuous learning

11 February 2010

Attorney firms must encourage staff members to learn continuously otherwise they risk being left behind writes Kuben Naidoo.

Building blocks

25 February 2010

Business development is a necessary skill which can be learnt like any other, writes Steve Herzberg.

Risk Management in Your Legal Business

04 March 2010

Matthew Spagnoletti analyses and suggests solutions to a few of the common risks that all attorneys should be managing in their legal business on a daily basis.

No cover

25 March 2010

As from 1 July 2010 the AIIF will not provide professional negligence cover to attorneys in respect of some bridging finance matters.

Protection of info

22 April 2010

Mark Heyink will be presenting a seminars on the protection of personal information and the promotion of access to information.

New legal business creation

29 April 2010

Kingsbury International College, with LEAD and SASSETA, is offering a New Legal Business Creation Programme, which focuses on essential entrepreneurial skills for attorneys.

Understanding auditing

29 April 2010

Vincent Faris CA(SA) will be presenting a number of seminars around the country on understanding the practical auditing of a law firm and its operations.

Show me the money

06 May 2010

Kuben Naidoo considers the importance of having a defined debtor management process that works and is properly managed to collect money from your debtors.

Policies and Procedures

20 May 2010

Running a business without clear cut policies and procedures could have dire consequences argues Matthew Spagnoletti.

Top ten tips

17 June 2010

How much more successful could law firms be if they employed more traditional business principles?
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