Practice Management

Paying your clients bills?

08 July 2010

Softlog and GhostPractice together will ensure your firm recovers 100% of the recoverable costs incurred on behalf of clients.

On the record

15 July 2010

Traci-Ann Cripsey writes that good communication skills, especially one's listening skills are vital in tapping into the needs of one's clients.

L.E.A.D updates

22 July 2010

Details of three L.E.A.D seminars on the Administration of Estates, Consumer Law and Environmental law which will be run over the next few months.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

23 September 2010

Michael Irvine and Michael Carrigan of Ireland will be presenting a seminar in Cape Town on Alternative Dispute Resolution from an international perspective.

L.E.A.D eviction seminar

07 October 2010

Christo Smith, author of Eviction and Rental Claims: A practical guide will be presenting seminars around the country on eviction and rental claims.

What story

28 October 2010

What story are your financials telling you - where to look, what it is you are looking at and what it means. Kuben Naidoo gives us the answers.

L.E.A.D Certificate

05 February 2009

Registration has opened for L.E.A.D's Certificate in Practice Management.

Practice series

05 February 2009

Improve your business performance with GhostPractice.

Cash flow

12 February 2009

Why cash flow is the lifeblood of practice management - Matthew Spagnoletti explains.

Corporate law practice

12 February 2009

Registration has opened for the LSSA's Certificate in Corporate Law Practice.

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